Key Features


Rebasing Protocol is an elastic supply token, which adjusts its total supply in order to achieve its peg price.

Dynamic Peg

Initially pegged to 0.1 BNB, Rebasing Protocol has the revolutionary ability to peg to any asset, class of assets, or calculated metric in the future based on market sentiment.


Protocol of rebase, pegging will be controlled by a fair governance protocol in future, once governance feature will be live.

Frictionless Yield

A portion of each and every transaction is instantly distributed among all the token holders.

Token Burning

This protocol is a tool designed to burn the tokens forever that accrues through several mechanisms like scaling exponentially over time to provide incredibly powerful deflationary effects.

Liquidity Distribution

A portion of each and every transaction is automatically distributed to liquidity providers.


Rebasing Protocol is a Binance Smart Chain based synthetic elastic supply token. Rebasing Protocol aims to start a revolutionary decentralized finance arena of Elastic Supply tokens on Binance Smart Chain with its unique features and token metrics.
A SYNTHETIC ASSET is designed to produce the similar effects in price as price movement of the underlying asset happens.
Elastic Supply Tokens adjusts its total supply until the market price reaches the target price. Such tokens supply is not fixed, but instead automatically adjusts on a routine basis.
Any holder will always have the same % of token supply irrespective of the price movement, total supply changes.

  • Initial Total Supply — 77,777
  • Presale — 30,000
  • Initial Liquidity — 30,000
  • Farming with LP token – 10000
  • Social Media Bounty – 2500
  • Marketing – 2500
  • Development — 2,777